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Real-Time Payments – Winners, Losers and the Barriers to Innovation

Immediate Payments, Real-Time Payments, Faster Payments – wherever you are in the world you probably have a term for...


Iliad Signs Global Deal with Immediate Payment Provider

  Iliad’s t3: Switch will be used by the world’s leading supplier of Immediate Payment Systems Iliad has completed...


Open Banking – What do Consumers Want?

Last month several consumer organisations met to create a ‘Consumer Manifesto’ for Open Banking. The objective was to set...


Latest fintech research

In June, Capgemini released the World Fintech Report in Paris. The report’s headline conclusion was that although Open Banking has...


Latest Research On APIs & How Banks Can Thrive In An API Economy

In May, Accenture released a new piece of analysis ‘How Banks Can Thrive In An API Economy.’ The industry...


ISO 20022 – a common global language and a major opportunity

    Deutsche Bank recently issued a report in which it recommended that banks don’t merely see ISO 20022...


Real-Time Payments at NACHA

Last week our Chief Operating Officer attended the NACHA conference in Florida. The United States has embarked on a...


Iliad launches test platform for Real-Time Payments

    Iliad’s test platform fully simulates all elements of the RTP® network from The Clearing House Iliad Solutions...


Effective Implementation of PSD2 and Open Banking Propositions

  The target for Open Banking access has fallen way short of legislators’ expectations, with over 40% of European...


APIs – realising benefits beyond the hype

I recently attended the QAFF event in London, and it was clear to see the increasing relevance that APIs...

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