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Iliad Signs Global Deal with Immediate Payment Provider


Iliad’s t3: Switch will be used by the world’s leading supplier of Immediate Payment Systems

Iliad has completed the agreement to supply testing and certification for all new national schemes that licence the Provider’s Immediate Payments services. This follows the announcement in May that Iliad’s test platform now fully simulates all elements of the RTP® network from The Clearing House in The United States.

Anthony Walton, CEO of Iliad, explains the significance of this latest agreement:

“We have years of expertise in testing and immediate payments. Eleven of the thirteen UK Faster Payment banks use Iliad’s software to test their solutions and we are a supplier of software to the UK’s scheme. This latest agreement, in addition to the solution addressing Real Time Payments with The Clearing House venture in the US, firmly positions us as the world’s leading test platform for new payment technology.”

The need to respond quickly to innovation, competition and legislation has created an environment in which all financial institutions aim to develop and launch new technology successfully and safely. Given the level of scrutiny and exposure to delay and outages, flexible and robust testing has never been more important.

Anthony Walton, CEO of Iliad, added:

“We receive consistent feedback from all users of the t3: Switch platform. The system is highly intuitive, which greatly reduces the time, effort and cost spent on testing and certification. t3:Portal  enables full orchestration of the user experience, supporting a defined set of test/certification processes. The presentation can be dynamically configured, which maximises accessibility to the system and its results for the user and the certifying institution. All versions are multi-lingual and can be ready to use in a matter of days.”

The solution will use Iliad’s t3:Switch and t3:Portal to provide a fully integrated platform to support member and certifying institutions. The technology will be deployed on a cloud-based platform (Amazon Web Services) and supports ISO20022 and API formats. If other formats are required to meet the needs of a specific national market, the system can easily be configured to support these. The containerised design allows centralised control and management, while delivering independent deployments that enable rapid implementation for each new country.

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About Iliad Solutions

For over 25 years, Iliad Solutions has been at the forefront of building, implementing and supporting major payment solutions. Our experience has led us to develop the most comprehensive and resilient test solutions available in the world today, and our global customer base trusts us to take the risk out of payment testing.

With Iliad Solutions, you can:

  • automate payment testing, which significantly reduces your project costs.
  • simulate a real-world transaction path with multiple legs, interfaces and keys (including tokenisation).
  • test the business flow as opposed to simulating individual pieces of the transaction.
  • enable your teams to work rapidly, with more control and greater visibility of results.
  • forensically analyse test results, which saves time and increases the effectiveness of test teams.
  • decrease risk through end-to-end testing in new deployments, which helps to protect your brand from high profile failures.

People using Iliad save time and money, and increase the confidence in their core systems.


Iliad Products

t3: Switch

This is the third generation testing software solution created by Iliad. The focus is to deliver the power of service virtualisation to payments testing, marrying virtualisation with the specific technical requirements of the payments industry.


This is an optional presentation and orchestration layer that utilises the power of t3:Switch, and enables a highly intuitive, deeply graphical presentation of the system, its assets and results to the end user.  The mutli-lingual capability renders it the perfect platform, in combination with the t3:Switch engine, for certification and on-boarding, as well as offering the option to configure highly structured test projects within a traditional test environment.



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