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System Testing for the Modern Payment Environment

Every organization in the payments industry has been affected by unprecedented levels of change. New
regulations, new competitors, new technologies and the expectations of a new generation of tech-savvy
customers are making more demands on technology teams than ever before.

To meet these new demands, banks have embarked upon a period of significant development of the IT
infrastructure that supports their payments business. As well as the increasing complexity of their payments
systems, project, business and technology teams face a considerable workload. However, while banks are busy
deploying the latest technology and working with imaginative new suppliers, the fundamentals of their testing
frameworks and methods are not advancing at the same pace.

Our new analysis explores the current methodology and the reasons why it is no longer sustainable, and maps out
the approach to testing that organizations should be taking in the future. By adopting a different approach,
organizations can create more opportunities to successfully innovate and reduce risk in a highly competitive

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