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Webinar: Accelerating the implementation of Immediate Payments for banks



Banks are transforming into digital organisations and to compete in a global world of greater competition and immediate payment schemes they must rethink their strategies and operating models. The systems running today’s financial institutions have become more complex and interconnected in a world where speed, agility and resilience are essential.

Immediate Payment schemes have an enormous growth potential with 50 plus solutions in place or under development worldwide. They transform the way payments are transacted and yet many scheme providers and banks underestimate the complexity and cost of implementation. There is huge industry demand to access Immediate Payment schemes, yet the approach taken to connectivity and achieving certification is often laboured, conventional and dependent on reiterative processes.

Time for a smarter approach to integrating the multiple upstream and downstream systems of banks to the new functionality of immediate payments infrastructures. An alternative way to improve and accelerate access with many measurable benefits.

One of the key challenges for Immediate Payments expansion is bank and member readiness. Friction needs to be removed from that process to enable more rapid realisation of the objectives of the scheme, and traditional methods are doing nothing to reduce this friction.

Join our webinar , in association with Finextra, to hear industry experts discuss the following, and more:

  • Global adoption of Immediate Payment schemes is transforming the way money moves and transactions are handled. They are dependent on open access to banks but implementation is complex and costly. How can this be overcome?
  • Why is the implementation process and testing cycle to achieve certification for banks so laboured?
  • There is an opportunity to overhaul the generic approach to implementation using more agile methods, tools and techniques. What are they?
  • What are the measurable benefits of an integrated, platform-based approach to implementation and testing across multiple systems?


  • Gary Wright – Head of Research, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Anthony Walton – CEO, Iliad Solutions
  • Lee Barker – ACH Onboarding Lead (International), Vocalink
  • Craig Ramsey – General Manager and Head of Real-Time Payments, ACI Worldwide

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