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t3:Switch has established its reputation over many years as the world’s most advanced testing and certification platform by enabling organisations worldwide to adapt to the pace of change.


The advent of OpenAPI technologies is obliging the banking and payments industry to create new initiatives such as Open Banking. Innovation is transforming how financial institutions and Fintechs serve their customers, with better, more flexible products.

This transformation can be daunting for technology and product teams as it introduces many new technological challenges. t3:Switch is at the forefront in the adoption, testing and certification of this new world.

Successful use of APIs

When creating an API for other parties, financial institutions must ensure not only that it operates perfectly but also that those parties can take full advantage of its features.

t3 helps schemes to ensure that hundreds of financial institutions can be onboarded as quickly and easily as possible. It takes care of the communications, tokens and certificates, removing friction from the process wherever possible.

Our platform can import OpenAPI schemes in minutes, then populate all data fields from consolidated end-to-end synthetic test data packs so that hundreds of tests can be created within hours.

Unifying different technologies

t3 can orchestrate any number of disparate APIs to build real-life end-to-end test cases. These can be mixed with other technologies such as ISO20022 and ISO8583 to reflect how institutions will embed API calls to enhance existing services. For example, the use of a Confirmation of Payee service ahead of a funds transfer.

t3 can also simulate the backend applications driven by the API. This means that even ahead of building those services a t3 model can get you testing earlier.

t3 – API inherits all the features of the t3 product stack, giving you everything you would expect from the world’s leading test and certification platform but with modern API technology embedded.

How to Access t3:Switch

t3 can be deployed in many ways.  It is cloud and container native but can just as effectively be deployed on-premise.

Our licensing models also reflect this flexibility from traditional licence models through to SaaS.

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