t3 :Portal

t3:Portal has a bespoke design with the sole aim of simplifying and streamlining the test and certification processes. No other tool anywhere in the world is as adaptable or as easy to use.

Great efficiency, improved risk management

Modern payments are complex and the approach to testing has to accommodate this complexity to be totally effective.  However, the interaction with the tester or certification partner can be greatly simplified using our platform.

Portal utilises state-of-the-art technology to present tests which can be executed and analysed intuitively.  In certification or sandbox (pre-cert) modes, users can be led through complex scenarios with great clarity.

How t3:Portal can help

Our customers use Portal in many ways, including:

  • To pre-certify participants for Real-Time Payments Schemes
  • To ease the adoption of Open Banking initiatives
  • To test significant internal or external projects regarding technical refresh and migrations.
  • To distribute new specifications in an executable form
  • To remove friction from the deployment of new payment initiatives

How to Access t3:Portal

t3 can be deployed in many ways.  It is cloud and container native but can just as effectively be deployed on-premise.

Our licensing models also reflect this flexibility from traditional licence models through to SaaS.

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