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t3:Cert is the latest addition to Iliad’s t3 test and certification platform. t3:Cert is designed to simplify, automate and allow financial institutions to certify their merchants’ EMV card terminals for both chip and contactless. The platform’s wide range of benefits is enabling organizations around the world to improve their innovation and return on investments.

Reduce costs

t3:Cert has all the benefits you would expect from Iliad, with reduced operational risk and faster testing to help your innovation programme. t3:Cert also provides one of the most effective ways to reduce testing costs.

Merchant Acquirers have achieved first year savings of 40% compared to their original processes. Further reductions are then targeted in year two as take-up increases, and some users have achieved 60%.

Easy to access, easy to start

t3:Cert can be operational in seconds through a browser-based solution, operating through a public cloud or on-premise infrastructure. It connects with the most popular Brand Test Tools, driving the certification for all major card brands, from device to host and the brands themselves. This allows merchants to test and certificate themselves at their convenience 24/7, anywhere in the world.

The transparent processes allow merchant, acquirer and brand certification engineers (with role-based permissions) to see a clear view of the process from end to end.

Optimisation and control

Inbuilt project workflow allows all users supporting a certification project to be guided through the pre-defined stages. This includes the initial data gathering which drives test case selection, a sandbox for final checks which all occurs ahead of the formal certification and the generation of formal certificates.

Ideal for Level 3 certifications, t3:Cert can optimise any current certification process and save significant time reducing the cost of accreditation.

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