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Easing the pressure – what financial institutions need to safely test and integrate the latest SEPA real-time standards

Instant payments innovation is accelerating across Europe. Are you keeping pace? With Europe’s major financial institutions facing more operational...


Iliad Solutions launches new testing standards for SEPA real-time payments

January 24, 2024 – Iliad Solutions, a global leader in payments testing, is offering support to financial institutions integrating...


Payment testing – a good return on investment

The saying ‘no news is good news’ is particularly apt when it comes to a payment system failure. Nobody...


Payment testing – are you a superhero or a dinosaur?

The need for financial institutions to maintain robust, efficient, and cost-effective payment testing is crucial, right? It’s not rocket...


Great to see you! Nexo Annual Conference 2023 – Dublin

This year’s Annual Nexo Annual Conference in Dublin was a great opportunity for industry leaders to discuss the future...


Payment testing – people v automation

With financial institutions agreeing budgets for 2024, IT teams are spending many hours contemplating the best, most cost-effective option...


Time to get off your sandbox? A checklist to speed up financial services innovation

Steering an innovative financial services product from a concept to a living, breathing thing that people use in their...


It’s FedNow or never: insights from Iliad’s instant payments webinar

By Kevin Emery, Chief Commercial Officer, Iliad Solutions   As Reed Luhtanen, Executive Director of the US Faster Payments...


Insights from Iliad: how to build a modern payment card programme

Described by some as the ultimate intelligent payment product owing to their ability to provide unrivalled customer insights, modern...


Pay.UK and Iliad Solutions support NPA payments testing

Iliad Solutions is pleased to announce the general release of its T3 test and certification platform for New Payments...

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