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Great to see you! Nexo Annual Conference 2023 – Dublin

This year’s Annual Nexo Annual Conference in Dublin was a great opportunity for industry leaders to discuss the future of standardised payments and exchange cutting-edge ideas from across the payments ecosystem.

It was a real pleasure to see so many of you there. For those who couldn’t make it, insight was given to  ‘increasing payments efficiency with Nexo standards’ with presentations, roundtable talks, and plenty of opportunities to engage and network with contacts in the sector.

It’s good to reflect back on a hugely impactful few days full of learning.

With everything slowly normalising post Covid, I was particularly looking forward to my trip to Dublin, the last Nexo conference I attended was back in London in 2019. I packed a bag, boarded my flight and was on my way.

On arrival, we set up Iliad’s stand to showcase t3:Now, one of the latest additions to the t3 payment testing product set. (t3 is our cutting-edge solution to simplify and streamline the test and certification processes). Our team has been working jointly with Nexo and partners to implement and test the new MRTP (machine readable test plan) framework adopted by Nexo using FTDL files.

Being one of a select number of Nexo Partners we were grouped with other partners in the ‘showcase’ lounge area. It was really good to be able to meet and chat with other supporters having interacted with them weekly over the last couple of months.

The event kicked off with a welcome and introduction session which led to 2 days of talks and discussions from individuals representing organisations within the payment’s community. Nexo adoption really seems to be progressing albeit possibly slower than Nexo would like. The standard is well managed with clear benefits relating to cost savings, speed to market and interoperability in that it’s a ‘global’ standard.

Notable presentations highlighted the trajectory of the payments sector – from the integration of the Nexo standard to the industry’s future direction. Key topics of discussion spanned from AI-driven innovations to the tokenization of consumer identities, shedding light on potential avenues for both businesses and consumers.

For me, a standout message echoed throughout the conference was the significance that ‘Adoption’ of Nexo as an international benchmark’ is irrefutable. The mantra, ‘Without testing, there is no adoption’ resonated deeply, emphasising the imperative nature of automated and guided testing, especially with the integration of MRTPs in payment testing solution sets available today.

One of my main aims was to evangelise about Iliad’s latest payment testing capabilities and how to turbocharge the adoption journey with contemporary testing and certification using our t3 platform. Having been heavily involved in its development, I’m always keen to share this good news!

It was a great event. If I missed seeing you at conference and you would like to hear more about Iliad Solutions, please reach out.

Alexi Karalis – Chief Technology Officer, Iliad Solutions

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