SEPA Instant simplification:

a new standard in testing for SEPA real-time payments

A challenging job on the to-do list of many financial institutions across Europe is to integrate the next SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) rulebook version, which came into force on 17 March 2024.

Banks and payment providers who want to remain at the forefront of financial innovation need to embrace the upgrade.

And Iliad is helping businesses across the financial sector to do just that with our SCT Inst Testing Solution. The product is designed to enable quality managers, technology officers, and operations leads to deploy the new SCT Inst version with confidence.

Watch this short demo to see how Iliad’s SCT Inst Testing Solution helps you to quickly prepare your organization’s internal systems for the new rulebook version:

We explain the Solution in this user friendly brochure, covering:

  • How a holistic approach to precertification testing will prevent launch delays, ensuring your business adopts the new version without project-busting errors
  • The key features and capabilities of Iliad’s SCT Testing Solution, including the ability to create bespoke tests and manage organisation-wide results data centrally
  • Examples of tests enabled by the Solution, including validation against SCT Inst rules and a broader set of scenarios that go beyond SEPA’s guidelines
  • Approaches to tailoring the Solution to your specific circumstances, using Iliad’s cloud-based and on-prem models, with connections such as TCP/IP, HTTP and MQ
  • Advice and guidance on creating an SCT Inst implementation strategy, based on decades of experience in supporting the world’s major banks to adopt new payment technologies

How Iliad’s SCT Inst Testing Solution supports different organisational functions:

Tech: integrate seamlessly. Test and validate all SCT Inst message types and business rules.

Ops: take control. Test SCT Inst transactions with all downstream applications connected to your cards, accounts, online banking services, open banking, payments flows and intelligence sharing.

Quality: assured standards. Spot where errors are occurring in real time and take rapid corrective action to ensure a flawless customer experience.

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