ISO 20022

The most seismic shift in international payments is driven by ISO20022.

Financial institutions are modifying their financial systems to become ISO20022 compliant. Although driven mainly by the need to meet regulatory and scheme compliance, it is now the case that institutions are being shut out of international payments due to the risks imposed on those who are not compliant. It is vitally important that all Financial Institutions act now to replace proprietary formats and collect the richer data needed to take full advantage of the benefits on offer.


Complicating the adoption of ‘pure’ ISO20022 compliance is the need to integrate with other systems within a financial institution. Traditional legacy systems still power many organisations, but increasing investment in new technologies such as OpenAPIs also introduces new challenges.

If you think of ISO20022 as the ‘rails’ then many interfaces to peripheral systems will be using OpenAPI or ‘legacy’ interfaces. If you use ISO8583 as an example, to construct the data elements needed to send and to deconstruct those received poses considerable testing and certification challenge.

This interoperability is increasing operational risk for financial institutions and slowing the pace of progress.

Iliad – The t3 Platform

t3 simulates 100’s of payment interfaces and components.  These interfaces have been developed and evolved over 20 years. The financial institutions currently using the t3 platform have found ISO20022 modifications simpler, safer and faster.


The t3 platform can drive all the testing for ISO20022, OpenAPI (REST and Grpc) and over 200 legacy interfaces at up to 5000 transactions per second.  Regardless of formats and protocols, this complex testing operates in a standard way using orchestrated synthetic test data that does not break tests.

Multiple simulators are replaced by the t3 platform which simplifies and removes friction from the test process. Our largest customers have thousands of testers, in over 50 test teams, in multiple countries, testing different systems in parallel in different ways without interference.

Rapid solutions

With t3 you can download a ISO20022 definition from a trusted source, import the XSD(s) and be executing tests within a day.  t3 allows you to turn specifications from multiple parties into ‘executable specifications’ that your development teams can work with almost immediately.

Alternatively if you are the trusted source, you can enhance the broadcast and distribution of your specifications using t3’s Sandbox mode. Allowing participants more intuitive and faster ways to consume your new payments initiative.

You can also use t3 to test, verify and adjust for usability your XSDs ahead of making them public.

Simplify complexity

t3 has full support for all ISO20022 variants, of which there are many, developed and evolved through global use by some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Real-Time Payments, TP, SWIFT, Nexo…they are tested, proven and ready to go out of the platform.

t3 allows tests to truly reflect the complex nature of modern transactions , with end-to-end coverage comprising all ISO20022 elements combined with OpenAPI and legacy systems in a single executable form.


All tests can be automated and t3 integrates with all DevOps, CICD and Agile tools through its own OpenAPI to complement this automation. The t3 platform has state-of-the-art simulation for ISO20022 and OpenAPI initiatives. Users are able to emulate genuine end-to-end tests using mixed protocols and formats from a single intuitive platform.


t3 can operate in test or certification modes.  It is used globally by payment schemes to help its participants ‘onboard’ its new technology. The platform can help participants test all the old and new systems together, to ensure compliance and rapid speed to market of new initiatives.


Using state of the art technology t3 is cloud native, shipping in containers to give the most flexibility in deployment.

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