Prepare for instant payments with Iliad’s FedNow Testing Solution

If you are looking to get your internal systems ready for FedNow, then Iliad Solutions has the easiest way to prepare.

Iliad FedNow Testing guide

Iliad Solutions

We are the world leader in testing and certification and have been implementing real-time payment testing across the world since 2005.

In 2005 our technology platform helped 11 of the first 13 UK banks to prepare for the “Faster Payments” initiative. 18 years later in 2023, Iliad is the first choice for financial institutions wanting to launch Instant Payments.

About The Iliad Testing Solution for the FedNow SM Service

Watch this short demo to see how Iliad’s virtualized FedNow Testing Solution enables you to quickly prepare your organization’s internal systems for FedNow:

Financial institutions can harness our ‘receive’ option if they only want to allow customers to accept incoming payments. Alternatively, we offer a ‘send and receive’ option for banks that wish to support both incoming and outgoing payments.

On top of this, there are a number of key features which provide you with confidence and control:


  • Supports the testing of all FedNow’s message scenarios.
  • Allows the development of the participant’s own tests to ensure your environment is ready.
  • Manual testers can run automation using Iliad’s test studio and palettes with a blend of test data.


  • FedNow message version updated prior to FedNow releases.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols including HTTPS, TCP/IP, MQ.
  • Powerful “presentation of results” enables Users to identify where errors have occurred. Test results are readily available, easy to understand and immediately show users where problems lie and their causes.
  • Use of centrally managed data rather than localized silos ensures data persistence and availability, while eliminating the possibility of losing test data and configurations.


  • Fully simulates the FedNow service and a participant.
  • Enables FedNow participants to thoroughly test downstream applications impacted by real-time payments.
  • Conditional-based test scenarios with matching response rules. (PACS.002 etc.)
  • Tagging of Test Data to allow for test automation and comprehensive regression testing.


  • Provides consistent assurance.
  • Complements Agile methodologies and DevOps to allow full and continuous automated regression testing.
  • Test Data Management – single source of test data, reusability, importation and exportation of data.

Test Systems/Workspaces: easy to use and configure as needed – supports unlimited users across multiple environments. (Dev, SIT, etc).

Iliad’s FedNow Testing Solution

For a deeper dive into Iliad’s FedNow Testing Solution, take a look at this special guide. It explains how we enable fast and comprehensive instant payments testing and is a must-read for any financial institution preparing to integrate the FedNow Service.

Iliad FedNow Testing guide

Part of a suite of market-leading test tools

The FedNow Testing Solution is an orchestrated version of our t3 virtualized test platform. t3 is used extensively by financial institutions around the world, each benefiting from more control, reduced implementation costs and greater confidence in their innovation projects.

The t3 platform can virtualize an organization’s entire payments infrastructure in a single browser-based platform, including virtualizing FedNow, Fedwire, TCH RTP, Card auths, Open API, etc. This means a financial institution using the platform can extend the solution to support broader payments testing across its organization.

More recently we’ve been providing testing and pre-certification support to two of America’s largest national banks as they prepare for FedNow’s launch.

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