ATM testing

ATM testing added to t3 platform’s ever expanding list of capabilities.

Offered in partnership with Madrid-based Serquo, t3 customers can access the Atmirage ATM simulator, and seamlessly test end-to-end calls between banking platforms and cash machines.

The challenge

All around the world, businesses and consumers are increasingly adopting a card-based approach to payments. However, cash remains popular in many countries, meaning financial services innovators face the challenge of offering both new digital ways to transact and transfer funds as well as more traditional physical methods. 

This includes the ability to withdraw cash and perform other money management tasks via ATMs.

Atmirage at a glance

Atmirage is a self-service platform that works with ATM applications developed in CEN/XFS. Simulated devices can be adapted to proprietary interfaces, enabling positive and negative test scenarios to all endpoints without the need for ATM hardware. 

Importantly, Atmirage is capable of simulating chip cards with EMV Level 2 and can connect to an impressive number of external tools.

Full details of Atmirage’s extensive features can be found here.

Four core competencies of Atmirage

Automated testing

Using Atmirage, innovators can design their own test cases with multilingual verification, defining checkpoints to validate tests automatically. 

The platform also gives the option of generating both technical and executive reports, meaning all relevant parties within development teams receive an actionable understanding of test outcomes. 

Manual testing

Users simply select the card with which they want to work and configure each device with the desired status. Error behaviours in devices can be quickly and easily triggered and transactions can be recorded and repeated automatically with a single click.

Broad ATM model capabilities

Atmirage empowers development teams to design a wide range of ATM models. For instance, models could include a reader for cards with strip and chip, PIN pad, receipt printer and dispenser with multiple cassettes. Alternatively, a model could comprise a complete ATM with a card reader, receipt printer, recycler, biometric print sensor, contactless reader and operator panel. 


Users can run unlimited highly complex scenarios on ATMs and other devices, testing as many as 5,000 transactions per second with all major card schemes.  

How banks and ATM providers benefit

Integrating with Serquo’s ATM testing proposition Atmirage represents a significant evolution in the t3 platform’s testing capabilities. The partnership helps banks and ATM technology providers to launch products more quickly and securely – with less expense.

With intelligent automated functionality, the t3 platform orchestrates and simplifies the process of payment testing and certification across all payment endpoints.  

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