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Women – Driving the Pulse of Payments

Women in Payments Symposium (London)

Having returned from the recent Women in Payments Symposium in London I feel inspired, energized and can say with confidence, the payment’s industry is making positive steps towards creating equality in the workplace.

Having been joined by Iliad’s Kaye Mayhew – Programme Manager, Daisy Stout – Product Consultant and Durgesh Mishra – Test Manager we were encouraged, educated and updated by key women influencing the EMEA payments sector.

Keynotes, panels, and break-out work sessions helped us strengthen skills while keeping us informed on top of industry trends. Women leaders also presented on a variety of subjects including current payments issues and initiatives, fintech, and leadership offering fresh insights.

Different perspectives were tabled showing why it’s important to create allies across genders to create the best possible outcomes – it was a really useful time of learning.

And perhaps most importantly of all, there was opportunity to network with women from all levels and from diverse backgrounds in payment and fintech, offering space to freely share and connect.

Our Iliad delegates had much to discuss and consider following the symposium. Key takeaways included:

  • As women leaders in Payments we should embrace changes and uncertainties as these bring opportunities and progress. To deal with these uncertainties we need diversity in higher positions and retain talent throughout the industry.
  • The importance of exploiting talents across geographic boundaries by taking advantage of hybrid and remote working
  • The need to constantly create and maintain a psychological safe environment where issues are openly discussed without a blame culture
  • Having an open-door policy with access to all senior leaders
  • Enabling talent movements across multiple teams within an organization
  • Building trust in the team
  • Ensuring there is an inclusive culture environment

It may still be a male dominated industry but this symposium illustrated how a more proportionate gender balance works best and how it’s increasingly  becoming the norm.

At Iliad there has always been a progressive approach to equality. Our people have an equal voice and our talents are recognized whatever our background, gender or ethnicity – it’s an area we want to continually build on. As a result, a great working environment is created where everyone thrives and we produce better, more rounded and effective payments testing solutions. Everyone wins!

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