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Time well spent – Chicago Payments Symposium

Following much anticipation, the 2022 Chicago Payments Symposium didn’t disappoint. This year’s event was once again a great success and a key event for knowledge development and networking. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about latest payments thinking and to network with existing industry colleagues and to meet new contacts.

Having been unable to meet ‘in person’ due to the pandemic it felt significant to be ‘back in the room’ and meet so many influential players face-to-face. This is an intimate event which I like, giving opportunity to get into deep discussion, with key people. There was a great turnout from Executive level attendees.

There are many payments conferences during the year with some reiterating the same themes. The Chicago Payments Symposium provided fresh ideas and angles on hot topics like Security, Fraud and Identity equipping attendees with new solutions to help combat the challenges ahead and to maximize opportunities.

Even though this was a US conference, it had a global focus giving attendees a wider perspective. As well as discussing domestic payments issues, it was interesting to hear discussion about digital currencies involving payments development across Europe and further afield. Viewpoints from the Bank of Canada and Bank of Australia amongst others provided a truly international perspective.

I found the future looking views given on payments particularly interesting, not only the direction of Faster Payments and ISO 20022, but also practical applications of payments and the speed of which innovation is being introduced. Hearing about new developments in global payments from Carlos Eduardo Brandt from the Central Bank of Brazil was one of many stand out moments.

The reason Iliad has been around for over 20 years, providing market leading payments testing solutions, is because we keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s coming next in the payments space. By attending events like this, we’re able to keep informed on practical, payments applications making sure our testing products can best serve whatever is coming up in the next generation of payment schemes. By doing this, we help our current clients grow in the market, but also help wider financial institutions in the market test, introduce and onboard new payments systems. The Federal Reserve will be releasing its first new payment rail in 40 years, their FedNow Service, from early next year. We’re here to help financial institutions smoothly transition into this new service.

Attending the Chicago Payments Symposium was an impactful few days and time well spent. The Iliad team will be back next year!

If you missed meeting us in Chicago and would like to hear about our market leading payment testing solutions, please reach out.

Len Meyers – Chief Revenue Officer, Iliad Solutions

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