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Iliad Signs Agreement with US Bank


Leeds, UK, 20th October 2016

Iliad Solutions have announced an agreement with a global bank based on the west coast of the United States. The bank has decided to review its test platform after questioning the current infrastructure and process. After speaking to a number of different providers and assessing their capability they selected Iliad for their unique approach and depth of experience.

Anthony Walton, CEO of Iliad, described how this came about:

“Our team analysed the bank’s current test environment and we were able to assess suitability for the migration of part of their core systems to a new platform. The bank’s teams are distributed across multiple sites and using different types of simulators for testing. The process seemed fraught with risk and we were able to identify the problems and issues they faced. There is a heavy dependency on key personnel which creates bottlenecks and there was little evidence to suggest that they could conduct a full end to end test of the new platform.”

The bank has asked Iliad to implement their t3 Switch platform. This system combines service virtualisation with the ability to support the complexities of new payment technology. Iliad is looking to implement the full end-to-end virtualised payment platform in a matter of weeks, to enable them to rapidly deploy the solution in its migration project.

Erik Wulfers, who heads up the Business Development in the US said:

“There are three big issues facing organisations when it comes to developing new payment technology. The first is the ability to bring together new and old technology and test with confidence. The second is the ability to manage the test process across different locations which are often separated across time zones. The third is the profitability of launching new technology. Weak and inconclusive testing can delay the process and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra manpower.”

The new solution had to be able to support several formats including multiple ISO8583 interfaces, XML and proprietary messaging. The bank would like to be self-sufficient rather than relying on its vendors and Iliad has been able to provide training and support to make this happen.

The t3 Switch solution supports teams in multiple centres through a single database containing the tests and results, exposing them to the team as a whole and removing the delays associated with individuals having sole ownership of a specific piece of technology. The “always on” nature of t3 Switch supports an rigorous regression test programme which enables progress within very tight deadlines.


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About Iliad

For over 25 years, Iliad Solutions has been at the forefront of building, implementing and supporting major payment solutions. Our experience has led us to develop the most comprehensive and resilient test solutions available in the world today, and our global customer base trusts us to take the risk out of payment testing.

With Iliad Solutions, you can:

  • automate payment testing, which significantly reduces your project costs.
  • simulate a real world transaction path with multiple legs, interfaces and keys (including tokenisation).
  • test the business flow as opposed to simulating individual pieces of the transaction.
  • enable your teams to work rapidly, with more control and greater visibility of results.
  • forensically analyse test results, which saves time and increases the effectiveness of test teams.
  • decrease risk through end-to-end testing in new deployments, which helps to protect your brand from high profile failures.

People using Iliad save time and money, and increase the confidence in their core systems.


Iliad Products

t3: V7

V7 is a sophisticated simulation platform for payments testing. It supports functional and non-functional testing via a single extendable product which consolidates protocols, test data and collateral into a single auditable environment.

t3: Switch

This is the third generation testing software solution created by Iliad. The focus is to deliver the power of service virtualisation to payments testing, marrying virtualisation with the specific technical requirements of the payments industry.



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Erik Wulfers, US Business Development Director.

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