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Iliad launches test platform for Real-Time Payments



Iliad’s test platform fully simulates all elements of the RTP® network from The Clearing House

Iliad Solutions has announced the launch of a new test solution which will reduce costs and make it simpler to develop and deploy systems to operate with the RTP® network, the real-time payments system from The Clearing House. The solution is pre-configured to virtualise all elements of the RTP network and support thorough testing for any financial institution or gateway services provider ahead of certification to TCH’s requirements for the RTP network.

Financial Institutions and gateway services providers who leverage the Iliad solution can easily configure their own scenarios to extend the test capability as their environment demands. No matter how the solution is deployed, enabled members can support a fully automated regression platform to rapidly test changes to their system whenever they occur and whatever the scale.

The system is containerised in Docker, and available via SaaS (on AWS) private cloud or on a member’s premises.

Anthony Walton, CEO at Iliad Solutions said: “This launch allows members to test their ability to exchange RTP messages without making mistakes, at a time when so much needs to be learned so quickly. The technology is constructed on a virtualised testing platform used by some of the world’s leading financial institutions and card schemes. Testing and innovation for the RTP network has never been simpler.”

Iliad has a depth of expertise in testing and immediate payments. Eleven of the thirteen UK Faster Payment banks use Iliad’s software to test their solutions and they are a supplier of software to the UK’s scheme.

Steve Ledford, Senior Vice President and Senior RTP Product Executive at TCH said: “This product launch gives financial institutions of all sizes, as well as their vendors, additional choice when preparing for participation in the RTP network. Test solutions such as the Iliad Solutions platform should greatly reduce the time and effort spent on testing and certification.”


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About TCH

Since its founding in 1853, The Clearing House has delivered safe and reliable payments systems, facilitated bank-led payments innovation, and provided thought leadership on strategic payments issues. The Clearing House continues to leverage its unique capabilities to support bank-led innovation, including launching the RTP® network, a real-time payment system that modernizes core payments capabilities for all federally-insured U.S. depository institutions.

The Clearing House is the only private-sector ACH and wire operator in the United States, clearing and settling nearly $2 trillion in U.S. dollar payments each day, representing half of all commercial ACH and wire volume. As the country’s oldest banking trade association, The Clearing House also provides informed advocacy and thought leadership on critical payments-related issues facing financial institutions today. The Clearing House is owned by 24 financial institutions and supports hundreds of banks and credit unions through its core systems and related services.

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About Iliad Solutions

For over 25 years, Iliad Solutions has been at the forefront of building, implementing and supporting major payment solutions. Our experience has led us to develop the most comprehensive and resilient test solutions available in the world today, and our global customer base trusts us to take the risk out of payment testing.

With Iliad Solutions, you can:

  • automate payment testing, which significantly reduces your project costs.
  • simulate a real-world transaction path with multiple legs, interfaces and keys (including tokenisation).
  • test the business flow as opposed to simulating individual pieces of the transaction.
  • enable your teams to work rapidly, with more control and greater visibility of results.
  • forensically analyse test results, which saves time and increases the effectiveness of test teams.
  • decrease risk through end-to-end testing in new deployments, which helps to protect your brand from high profile failures.

People using Iliad save time and money, and increase the confidence in their core systems.

Iliad Products

t3: Switch

This is the third generation testing software solution created by Iliad. The focus is to deliver the power of service virtualisation to payments testing, marrying virtualisation with the specific technical requirements of the payments industry.


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