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EBAday 2023 – let’s talk

What’s on your mind: NPA, FedNow readiness, ISO 20022?

EBAday is here allowing banking executives to hear about the latest innovations in payments and transactions. Anthony Walton CEO, Iliad Solutions, is present in Madrid, June 20-21 and will be pleased to hear about your current, payments testing needs. You can also learn more about Iliad’s t3:Now testing solution, the latest offering from Iliad’s t3 integrated test platform. Please reach out!


As developers, the Iliad team aim to create products that simplify and assist with digital transformation, whether that’s the adoption of ISO20022, Open Banking, OpenAPIs or Real-Time payments.

t3:Now provides everything you would expect from Iliad’s world-leading payment test tools and allows you to select the specific components relevant to your project. The development of t3:Now has been guided by changes in the industry and the needs of developers.

t3:Now enables you to select the precise solution you need for your project and your budget. It is a cloud-based system so you can pick and choose the precise elements you need.  And rather than hiring more people to run a costly, manual process, you can quickly switch on t3:Now and automate. This reduces the operational risk and costs of the project.

To learn more about t3:Now, and how we can help accelerate your plans with only operational expenditure, please contact: or link up with Anthony at EBAday.

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