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Breaking Boundaries – Women in Payments Symposium (USA)

The US payments industry is changing. When it comes to ‘equality’ there is no better example than the progress flagged at the ‘Women in Payments Symposium’ recently held in Washington.

Women have a key role to play

I was inspired by numerous examples of women making waves in the United States payments industry and around the globe at this year’s “Breaking Boundaries” themed event.

Keynote speakers, panel debates, and break-out work sessions helped me and my fellow delegates to strengthen skills whilst keeping us up to date on latest industry trends. It was a truly memorable event on many levels. It was a time of women empowering women (and men), learning about new developments and recognizing qualities across gender groups, all with the aim of making the payments industry a more progressive and successful environment.

Hearing from women leaders on a variety of subjects including current payments issues and initiatives, fintech, and leadership provided much to think about and take back to our working environments. What was clear throughout the symposium is that we need more women in positions of influence to better represent the payments industry.

As a follow up, attendees now have a responsibility to share thinking from the symposium to help build a better, more equal working environment. We can all play a part in spreading the positive working practices discussed – I am a firm believer in the ‘Power of Ten’ to help inform others and spread the word.

Progressive thinking

The reason Iliad Solutions has been around for over 25 years, providing market leading payments testing solutions, is in part due to our commitment to remaining aware of what issues are faced by the industry and help remedy them. By attending events like this we’re able to keep informed on industry developments making sure our testing products continue to best serve the next generation of payment schemes, whether it’s through the products we provide or how we deliver them. By doing this, we help our financial institution clients to grow in their respective markets by helping them to successfully test, introduce and onboard new payments systems.

If I missed meeting you in Washington and you would like to hear more about our progressive payment testing solutions, please make contact.

Attending the ‘Women in Payments Symposium’ was an inspirational few days and a great opportunity to network. I would recommend this event to anyone wanting to find out more about adopting equality best practice and how this enriches and helps facilitate success for any payments organization.

Lisa Forsythe, Senior Customer Success Manager, Iliad Solutions

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